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Writing services

Are you looking for that extra spark?

You know that good writing has a certain magic. A way of connecting a reader to a message. The alchemy of one person’s idea taking form in another person’s mind. You want your writing to fizz with all the great ideas and stories you have to tell.

You also know that good writing takes time. You know that good writing requires craftmanship. Someone who can shape an idea. Someone who can fit the right words to your ideas. Someone who can spend the time lovingly shaping and reshaping a piece of prose until it becomes just right.

That’s where I come in.

I’m a professional writer, editor, and heartfelt believer in the magic of the written word.

Writing is my craft. And just as you’d want to find a master carpenter to build your stunning new oak-carved dining table, you want to find the right person to shape your message. I work with businesses and individuals to ease the effort and lessen the time it takes to get a piece of writing to wow your readers.

Kind Words

Whenever I need a second opinion on a story, I send my work to Ailsa. Her critiques are insightful, constructive, and best of all, reassuring. More than simply seeing what is hindering a piece, she has that rare gift to see what is working. I would not be the writer I am today without Ailsa’s feedback on my work.

Jakob Tanner


Ailsa was a great help in crafting my dissertation. Finding someone with the intelligence and skill to feedback on the balance and continuity across a large body of research writing is a challenge. Ailsa’s love of writing and story, mixed with her intelligence, provided just the right mix.

Dr. Helen Jenner

Education Doctorate, King's College, London

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Ailsa on varying projects over the last few years and each time I have been thrilled to work with her. Along with these projects, Ailsa has also lent me her expertise in writing and editing by reviewing my cover letters and resumes prior to applying for jobs. With her invaluable eye for style in writing and ability to put herself in my shoes and help sell myself, I have been able to secure full time employment. 

Ilyse Halperin

HR Professional

Let’s talk.

If you’ve got a project that you need an extra pair of hands for, I’d love to talk. Send me an email at