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Hi, I’m Ailsa


Born and raised in the UK, I’m now based in Toronto. A lifelong bookworm and word-nerd, I’ve always loved stories. I love the intimacy that is created between a great writer and her readers. I love the thrill of making a connection where there was previously silence.

The path I’ve taken to get here has been a winding one – as all the best paths are. Along the way, I’ve gathered a wealth of expertise and experience which makes me confident when working with a wide range of clients. Some of my areas of particular expertise and interest include: HR and Educational Organizations; Think Tanks and Policy Makers; Non-Profits; and working with independent authors.

What’s it like to work with me?

I care about individuals – I’m interested in getting to know what’s unique about you, what’s your voice in the world? This approach is how I find beauty and meaning in my work – and it’s also what helps me to craft work that really reflects your vision, rather than drawing upon stock sales-y copy that nobody wants to read.

I’m that kid whose report cards were always covered with the word conscientious – I value making and setting deadlines, and I have a strong sense of intrinsic responsibility that means I consistently deliver work on time and on budget.

 I’m relentlessly curious – I’m an avid learner, constantly looking to explore new fields, new approaches, new ways of doing things (my podcast feed is long). This lets me hit the ground fast, and I’m always willing to explore how we can shake things up or do things differently. (It also makes me a super good addition to a quiz team, if you’re looking).

I’m highly collaborative – I like breaking down boundaries. I like coming to a project from a place of open curiousity, rather than stuffy “expertise.” I like drawing on the expertise you have. I don’t want to tell you there’s only one way of things to do things (“my way or the highway”) but for us to forge a path together.

Let’s Get to work