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You need a white paper produced that will knock the socks off your industry. You have a major report going out to a client, and you want to wow them with your content – not have them circling spelling mistakes to send back to you. You know the importance of how you present yourself to the world – but how do you get it right when your to-do list is already scrolling off your desk?

Let me take something off your plate. I'll work my magic, and you'll get back to focusing on what you do best.

Writing Services


Content Creation

Wesbite copy that lets your clients know what you’re really all about. Blog posts and articles that pop off the page – and stay in the hearts and minds of your audience. Let’s talk about how you can stand out and be seen.


A newsletter that your customers not only open, but actually enjoy getting. Fundraising and marketing copy that connects with your audience (and converts into money in the bank). I’ll craft authentic communications that will make you feel excited to hit send.

Policy & Research

Meticulous research that stands up to scrutiny. White papers that your even your biggest competitors are recommending. Briefing notes that get decision makers on board. Let me help you turn your big ideas into action.

Reports and Proposals

Reports that don't make your clients eyes glaze over. Proposals that win over even the most skeptical CEO. Create documents that speak to your market.

Editing Services


A fresh pair of eyes to correct minor errors and formatting issues. Let's make sure your words are really ready to wow.

Copy Editing

A thorough comb through your document, fixing not only any technical errors but focusing on how well the document flows and if it makes sense. Build clarity into your work.

Manuscript Services

Looking for a deep dive into your manuscript? Hire me through Firefly Creative Writing to work with you on your in-progress or finished book.

Let’s Get to work