The Deep Work Experiment: Week 3

It’s week three of the deep work experiment and I’m doing a flying accountability check in. Here’s the numbers for the week:

June 13 1024
June 14 221
June 15 363
June 16 1793
June 17 689
June 18 147
June 19 350

Even though I have some low production days in there, I actually hit my highest word count of the experiment so far – north of 4,500! I also spent a considerable amount of time this weekend working on transcribing some of my handwritten sections (I always write my first drafts by hand) on to the computer – so really, it’s been a fantastically productive week.

At this point I feel two, somewhat contradictory, things:

  1. I feel deeply embedded in my project. I am living and breathing this project in a way that feels deeply, deeply satisfying.
  2. I am starting to get worried about “what to write next.” This is somewhat linked to my research problem but also partly just a side effect of having worked through all my “easy to write” scenes.

So mostly, this week is about feeling that good momentum, but also seeing the potential roadblocks ahead. Let’s see what unfolds in week 4.

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