Deep work experiment: Week 6

A tiny check in this week because mostly the last week hasn’t felt like it was about depth at all – it has felt hectic, and harried, and just full. I think it’s been a good reminder for me that no matter how intentional I am about my deep work and my writing, I can’t always control the external environment. I have my job, I have commitments, I have my life – all of which sometimes get in the way.

This isn’t to say I haven’t written because I have – it’s funny that what in previous months would have looked like a stellar writing week for me is now a below average one. I’m finding that I’m reaping the benefits of having created the outline: I’m no longer stuck as to “what to write” next as the plan is RIGHT THERE. (Although the small matter of what I feel like writing is still an open question). Research has also continued apace.

Perhaps that’s the real lesson of the deep work experiment: that because I’ve set myself up with strategies that work and a framework for commitment, I managed to squeeze in all kinds of work on my novel even when life became a whirlwind. 

I’m now about to have a completely different experience – travelling and camping. Being off the grid – check. But also being sociable and in vacation mode? I’m taking my notebook but I’ll be checking in here next week to see how I get on.

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