The Deep Work Experiment Week 8: The Halfway Edition

When I originally set out on the deep work experiment I gave myself until the end of September to finish a first draft of my novel. Four months during which I was going to quit social media, practice deep focus, and make monumental progress on a dream I’ve had ever since I was a little girl.

Halfway in and I feel conflicted about the progress I’ve made. I’m not halfway through my novel – I’ve currently written about 27,000 words and I think I feel confident in saying I have Part 1 of 3 more or less drafted and typed up. I’m wondering if the goal I originally set myself is too ambitious, if I can make it to the end of that first draft by the end of September. I remember how much other stuff goes into writing – the plot development, the character tweaks, all the spanners that seem to get thrown in all the works. It’s not just word counts – it’s everything.

On the other hand, I have never felt that I have more discipline and confidence in my writing process. I do believe that I will finish this novel. I’m excited about writing it. And mad though it might be, I do kind of want to hold onto that original goal.

What next then? I guess buckling down and writing more. I’m hoping some of the ground work I’ve laid in these first couple of months will mean I can push through more into straight out production for the next stage. Nose to the grindstone time, I suppose!

2 thoughts on “The Deep Work Experiment Week 8: The Halfway Edition

  1. shunter90

    I’ve just hit around 27,000 words too but have given myself the target of xmas for a first draft! I’m realising how much now I need to sit down and do all that other planning stuff like character portfolios and a proper chapter plan. Best of luck I look forward to reading more about it!!

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