Writing Coach

Here are some things I believe, in no particular order:

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  • Everyone has a story to tell
  • Everyone can write
  • Writing is bloody hard, and lonely, at times
  • Writing can be transcendent, connecting you to the world and experience like nothing else
  • If you love to write, you are a writer. Full stop.

In my role as a writing coach, my aim is to help connect you to the wonder and joy of your writing, as well as witness and work through those times when you feel like you’re just sitting in a hole made of plot deadends and uncooperative characters. I do this work because I love the process of writing, and I love writers. I love talking to you about what’s going on with your writing right now and what you think you need to get to where you’ve been dreaming of going. (I also love to nerd out about plot theory and grammar, if that’s your thing). As your coach, I’m not there to give you all the answers, but I am there to cheer you on as we dig into your questions.

I’m lucky enough to do this work as part of the amazing Firefly Creative Writing. Chris, Firefly’s fearless leader, brought me into my own writing in ways I never expected, and I get to work alongside some of the biggest hearted, funniest, and smartest women you could hope to meet. (There’s also always a pot of tea brewing at Firefly HQ and cookies too. It’s pretty much the dream gig, this).

Oh, and if you’re wondering what *exactly* a writing coach does, it can encompass any combination of all the following:

  • Facilitating in person group workshops out our stunning studio in Toronto
  • Working in person or remotely with you 1:1
  • Facilitating dreamy retreats on a lake in Ontario
  • Providing a thorough and loving review of your manuscript

But also so much more… If you’re curious about working with me or one of the other Firefly coaches, you can drop Firefly a line here.